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St. Therese of Lisieux Primary School, Belfast
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School Council


School Council

Our elected school council representatives strive to do their very best in making our school an even better place to learn, work and play.

Aims of Our School Council

Our school council provides an opportunity for the children’s voices to be heard. The council representatives are responsible for carrying out the ideas and suggestions of all the pupils as best they can.

Our student council reaches their aims by meeting as a team (with a teacher present) to discuss new initiatives or sort out problems. These may include playtime issues, how to further promote positive behaviour or think of ideas for fundraising events.

What makes a good school council?
A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done e.g.

  • worthwhile meetings.

  • a council that is not too big.

  • class feedback shared regularly.

  • good communication between representatives and their class.

  • positive and realistic suggestions, discussing the real concerns of the school and thinking of new and worthwhile initiatives.

Pupils are able to voice their concerns directly to their class representative or if they feel they would like to put forward their ideas in private they can be posted in the suggestion box left at the office.

The school council is there to represent all the children.

The children of today but the adults of the future.

Let’s make changes together.’