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St. Therese of Lisieux Primary School, Belfast
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20th May 2022

Why not have a go at putting your child’s measuring skills to good use by entering our end of year mathematics ‘Bake Off’ competition!

This will give your child an opportunity to practise measuring out ingredients, handling different quantities and monitoring time by baking a delicious treat! Before following the baking instructions, discuss different methods of measurement and show them different ways of measuring out ingredients, eg. digital scales, a measuring jug, balance scales, mechanical scales, etc... Encourage and help your child to measure out the ingredients, reading the scales with an appropriate degree of accuracy. This is a great way to introduce them to other units of measure such as pounds and ounces.

                                                ** The competition is open to all children from P1 - P7 **

Each entrant must submit an A3 poster of their work. This can include photographs, pic collages, drawings, etc . . . and must be completed on an A3 page (class teachers will provide the A3 pages).

There will be a prize for the most creatively presented poster in Foundation Stage (P1 & P2), KS1 (P3 & P4) and KS2 (P5, P6 & P7) and a night off homework for every child who submits an entry!

Don’t forget to include lots of mathematical information:

  • Units of measure for weight (eg. g, Kg, oz, etc...)
  • Measuring instruments (eg. measuring jug, digital scales, mechanical scales, balance scales, etc...)
  • Baking/cooling temperatures (eg. Centigrade/Celsius, Fahrenheit, Gas marks)
  • Durations of time (eg. mins, hours)

                                                           GOOD LUCK and HAPPY BAKING!!