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St. Therese of Lisieux Primary School, Belfast
New School Year- School reopens for P2-7 on Wed 31 August for the new term (half day). P1 starting dates are available on ClassDojo.
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4th May 2021

Children from P4–P7 classes are now having opportunities to use Izak 9 during mathematics lessons. They have been applying their knowledge of ascending & descending order, making totals, multiples of numbers, prime numbers & factors, consecutive numbers, compass points, etc . . . in a variety of tasks. Izak 9 provides a shared learning environment rich in problem solving, reasoning and fluency, where pupils can develop team work and resilience. It provides opportunities for pupils to develop skills in working with others, decision making, communicating mathematically and thinking flexibly. We are finding that children’s enjoyment and engagement in mathematics lessons have both been much higher when using Izak9, as has their confidence and willingness to take risks and try out different methods of approach. The kinaesthetic nature of the cubes appears to be one big advantage of this resource, with pupils very keen to use them at all ability levels.

On visiting classrooms there is a great buzz of excitement and the enthusiasm is clear to see! It is wonderful to hear pupils talk about the strategies they apply in tackling tasks and to see that there can be a range of different approaches or even solutions to the same problem. It is particularly wonderful to see the positive attitude children in our school have to their learning!